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Do Brands Matter?

Anecdotal evidence might suggest that the emotional connection between consumers and product brands just isn’t as strong today as it once was. But without any cold, hard, empirical evidence to support this theory, the editors of Hardware Retailing decided to go directly to consumers to find out whether or not today’s shoppers are as devoted to their favorite brands as they once were.

Brand loyalty isn’t fading at all—especially in the home improvement industry. In fact, our research suggests today’s consumers have a strong affinity toward home improvement product brands and this relationship appears to be on solid footing for years to come as younger consumers appear to be the most brand-loyal of all age groups.

Below are just some of the detailed findings from Hardware Retailing’s 2013 Consumer Branding Study. Be sure to look for more of the study in future issue of Hardware Retailing.

Different Buying Habits by Generation

Younger Generations Are Buying More Brand Name Products
Percentage of respondents purchasing more brand-name products today than 5 years ago.


Influencers Vary by Generations
Percentage of consumers rating the following influencers as having the greatest impact on their opinion of a product brand in the following categories.


They’re Forgiving
Percentage of consumers (ages 25-34) answering the following on whether they would try a brand-name product again after a bad experience.


Brand Trends Between Male and Female

Brand Loyalty by Gender
Percentage of consumers self-described as being brand loyal to products in the following home improvement categories.


Consumers Utilize Shopping Options
Percentage of consumers who said they would go to another source (online, etc.) to find the original brand if their first choice of product brand in the following categories was not available.


General Overview

Loyalty for Brand-Name Products Increases with D-I-Y Experience
Percentage of respondents indicating the rates at which they purchase name brand products. The categories in the chart below are described as:

  • Basics Only: “I may hang pictures or do a little touch-up painting around the house.”
  • Weekend Warrior: “I take care of my own lawn, paint the occasional room and can fix a leaky faucet.”
  • Serious DIYer: “Painting rooms, laying tile, installing a garbage disposal are all things I’m comfortable with.”
  • Semi Pro: I can build a deck, drywall a room or hang a new door without much of a problem.”
  • Pro: “I do this for a living.”


Quality Reigns
Percentage of respondents indicating which influencers have the greatest impact on their opinions of product brands in each category.


About Jaime Koch

Jaime Koch was the managing editor of Hardware Retailing Magazine. Jaime regularly traveled around the country and internationally to visit with retailers and share their stories. Jaime was honored by the American Society of Business Publishers for Editorial Excellence.

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