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3 Bathroom Accessories to Attract DIYers

Bathroom accessories

Bathrooms, for some homeowners, are their sanctuary. From eccentric shower heads to eco-friendly faucets, the plumbing category in your store is ripe with product diversity. Hardware Retailing has gathered three products for your plumbing and electrical categories that will make …

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3 Smart Home Products to Boost Your Electrical Sales

smart home

Electrical products are a staple in almost every hardware store. By diversifying your electrical product selection, you open the doors to extra sales and attract customers with the products they are looking for. Smart Ceiling Fans The AERYN 52 inch …

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Incandescent Lightbulbs Ban Takes Affect in U.S.

incandescent lightbulbs

As of Aug. 1, retailers are no longer allowed to sell incandescent lightbulbs under new energy efficiency rules enacted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs will fully replace the incandescent versions, though many consumers have …

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Preventing Phantom Energy Loads

Phantom Energy

When an electronic device is plugged in but not being used, it still pulls power, which is known as a phantom load. An unseen problem in many households, phantom energy loads cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a year. Educate customers …

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5 Tips to Spark Electrical Lighting Sales

Electrical and Lighting

From strategic merchandising to staying on top of the most popular trends, consistently applying best practices to regular traffic-driving categories like electrical and lighting will set your operation up for continual improvement and ever-increasing sales. It is easy to become …

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No More Tangled Cords

Hot Products

Managing cables around the house can seem overwhelming, especially with more and more smart devices coming out and needing an outlet to plug into. Using various products can help keep your cables organized together and away from small children and …

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Stay Cozy With Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Space Heaters

As winter draws near, so do cold temperatures and increased heating costs, and customers may be looking for ways to keep their homes warm without breaking the bank. Stocking various types and brands of energy-efficient space heaters with built-in safety …

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Boost Sales With a Curated Lightbulb Selection

a display of ceiling lights

An unsung hero in the electrical category, lightbulbs are a necessity in any household. When merchandised well with a good selection of products, this category can be a lucrative part of your electrical department.   At Alper’s True Value Hardware …

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