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3 Bathroom Accessories to Attract DIYers

Bathroom accessories

Bathrooms, for some homeowners, are their sanctuary. From eccentric shower heads to eco-friendly faucets, the plumbing category in your store is ripe with product diversity. Hardware Retailing has gathered three products for your plumbing and electrical categories that will make …

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Stay Cozy With Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Space Heaters

As winter draws near, so do cold temperatures and increased heating costs, and customers may be looking for ways to keep their homes warm without breaking the bank. Stocking various types and brands of energy-efficient space heaters with built-in safety …

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3 Ways to Improve Your Plumbing Category

plumbing category

A core category, plumbing may not be considered the most inspiring area of your salesfloor. However, investing in categories that are regular traffic-drivers can lead to more knowledgeable team members, which creates more satisfied customers and increased sales. Hardware Retailing …

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4 Kitchen and Bath Industry Trends for 2022

kitchen and bath industry trends

Kitchen and bath full-year industry revenues are expected to reach a record $199 billion in 2022, with an anticipated growth of 19 percent for the second year in a row. Whether they are replacing a kitchen faucet or undertaking a …

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The Products Customers Need for a Bathroom Renovation

Trends - Betting on Bathrooms

Heading into the finale of 2021, DIYers continue to stretch their home improvement muscles, taking on projects inside and outside their homes. To help them achieve their goals, be sure you’re familiar with the trends customers may come to you …

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How to Connect Customers Over Fixtures and Fittings

plumbing aisle

Whether it takes up one aisle or a large portion of your store’s square footage, the plumbing department is a key category for many home improvement retailers. Finding success in this category requires the right combination of product assortment, employee …

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What’s Trending in Plumbing Product Design

plumbing design trends

While the meat of a plumbing category centers on what goes in walls and under cabinets, the stars of the category are the pieces people see and use every day. Here’s a look at what is trending in plumbing products …

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