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Jaime Koch

Jaime Koch was the managing editor of Hardware Retailing Magazine. Jaime regularly traveled around the country and internationally to visit with retailers and share their stories. Jaime was honored by the American Society of Business Publishers for Editorial Excellence.

The New-Age Time Clock

According to a recent article from the National Retail Federation, a new app allows retailers and other employers to “see” employees as they clock in and out, verifying identities and delivering individual messages. The app, Timesly, is the world’s first …

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Become a Visual Marketer

Customers have high expectations of what a shopping experience should encompass. While price is very important to customers, it is not the only deciding factor for whether or not a customer will buy from your store. In order to stand …

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Transfer Fans

AireShareTM is designed to distribute heated or cooled air for greater comfort, energy savings and ventilation from room-to-room through interior walls or level-to-level through floors/ceilings. AireShareTM provides homeowners with an unobtrusive, cost-effective way to circulate heated or cooled air from fireplaces, …

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Lifetime Brands Reports Sales Surge

Lifetime Brands, owner of housewares brands including Farberware and KitchenAid, reported Q2 sales of $115.3 million, up 18.9 percent from a year ago. So far this year, the company has acquired U.K.-based Kitchen Craft and La Cafetiere, as well as …

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Ace Files Emergency Injunction Against TIM-BR MART

According to NRHA Canada and our Hardlines partners, Ace Hardware has filed an emergency injunction against its Canadian partner, TIM-BR MART Group, through TIM-BR MART’s parent company, TBM Holdco Ltd. According to the report, the injunction centers around the licensing agreement …

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Merchandising Tips for the Fall

Fall is the time of year when the leaves are turning, the weather is getting cooler and consumers are starting to turn their thoughts to the frigid months ahead. For retailers, fall is no time to be idle. Autumn is …

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Painter’s Multi-Tool

The new HYDE® 17-in-1 Painter’s Tool is made from durable carbon steel and can scrape paint, spread compound, open cracks, pull and set nails, open cans and bottles and clean rollers. Under the Hammer Head® end of the product are …

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