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Become a Visual Marketer

Customers have high expectations of what a shopping experience should encompass. While price is very important to customers, it is not the only deciding factor for whether or not a customer will buy from your store. In order to stand out, retailers should try to focus on being visually dynamic this season.

Visual merchandising can help retailers to be more appealing to customers this fall. Visual merchandising includes how merchandise is presented as well as the store’s total atmosphere. Remember this concept when setting up for the fall season because the images that a retailer creates within the store send a message to customers about who the retailer is and what products the customer should focus on. These images should specifically elicit a positive image of the brand within customers’ minds, get their attention and make them want to buy from you. Take a look at a few things to go over for a more visually appealing season this fall.

Graphics and signs: Make sure to create attention grabbing yet clear graphics and visually stimulating signs in specific areas where you want customer traffic to flow. These signs ensure your communication of the company brand while creating visual interest.

Endcaps: Give endcaps a new look for the fall. Emphasize the favorites of the season like grills, rakes and Halloween decorations to grab customers’ attention.

Clean up your showroom: Major indoor remodeling projects such as kitchens and baths are popular during the fall and winter. Shine a spotlight on your kitchen and bath showroom by making sure that products are organized and clean. Highlighting any special deals can help to remind customers that this would be a great time to do a little remodeling.

Space management: Most displays concentrate on the management of floor space in order to create a completely functional environment for customers. Don’t just focus all of your attention on the floor displays; ceiling space should also be given attention.

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