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Jaime Koch

Jaime Koch was the managing editor of Hardware Retailing Magazine. Jaime regularly traveled around the country and internationally to visit with retailers and share their stories. Jaime was honored by the American Society of Business Publishers for Editorial Excellence.

Blish-Mize Celebrates Employee Achievement

Employee longevity is a rarity these days, but at Blish-Mize, the company is celebrating just that. Lynn Banks, Gerald Banks, and Galen Banks have each worked in the Blish-Mize distribution center in Atchison, Kan., for more than 40 years. The …

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Enriched Soil

Sun Gro Horticulture has been enriched with a natural silicon. Researchers have found plants growing in silicon-enriched mixes have thicker, stronger stems, improved root mass and structure and increased drought tolerance. In addition, the denser, more compact growth of plants …

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Scissors & Shears

The new family of pro-grade Wiss® scissors provide razor-sharp cutting and offer strength and durability at multiple price points. The new line includes 10-inch Shop Shears, 7-inch Utility Shears, 10-inch All-Purpose Scissors, made for light-duty cutting applications and 8 ½-inch …

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Jig System

General Tools & Instruments Professional Face Frame Jig System enables woodworkers and cabinet makers to create a production setup in just minutes for the fast and precise fabrication and assembly of cabinet face frames and doors. With this jig system, …

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State of Retailing Online Report Reveals New Data

Change is inevitable and while for retailers, change can be exciting, nailing the basics like search engine optimization and e-mail marketing can be overwhelming. But Shop.org’s recent The State of Retailing Online 2014 Report shows why its more important that …

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Carr’s Hardware Honored with First-Ever Recognition

Carr’s Hardware and owner Darlene Scott have been honor with the Marysville Historical Society’s first-ever certificate of recognition. According to local newspaper the Marysville Goble, Marysville’s Historical Society President Ken Cage moved to town in 1965, the same year that …

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All-Natural Insecticide

Bugzilla All-Natural Pest Control is pet-safe, eco-friendly and provides for the safe and thorough eradication of indoor insects and pests. A carefully formulated blend of botanical essential oils and food grade ingredients, Bugzilla eliminates bugs and pests for months at a time. …

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