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10 Blasts From Hardware Retailing’s Past

Over more than a century, Hardware Retailing has adapted to the times to help independent retailers like you stay on the forefront of emerging industry trends and technology to find new paths to success.

From profiles of enterprising young retailers to investigating how veteran home improvement operators have gone to market, the magazine has aimed to educate and guide the independent channel with each issue. Step into the time machine for a look back at 10 lessons from previous issues of Hardware Retailing. Learn about some aspects of retailing that have stayed true throughout the years.

1. The New Merchandising of 1919
Hardware Retailing’s national president J.M. Campbell discussed the importance of merchandising in October 1919. “Modern merchandising is a scientific study,” he wrote. In that issue, the versatility of lattice works in window displays is highlighted, and is still a versatile merchandising idea.


2. Staying Optimistic
The April 1944 issue was full of optimism. Retailers discussed the importance of planning for a time when World War II would end and GIs would come home to start families of their own and rely on local home improvement stores.


1970s3. Preparing for the 1970s
In October 1969, independents turned their sights to the possibilities of the 1970s and explored how data would drive their business. Today, check out High Performance Retailing for a wealth of relevant, timely data to help your business prosper.


4. Harnessing Technology in the 1980s
The October 1980 issue highlighted the ways technology could streamline home improvement businesses. The prevailing notion of finding new ways to save time and manage your inventory stands true. In 2019, there are countless ways to use new technology in your business. Click here to learn how you can grow your digital presence.

1990s5. Pro Connections
Creating bonds with local contractors was a focus in March 1992. Contractors providing home renovation services are a reliable customer base that retailers should always be courting. The article recommends retailers focus on offering special prices, delivery services and customized support to gain and keep contractor customers.


6. A Retailer’s Critical Mission
October 2001 explored the most important points of making a sale. From greeting customers to finally securing a sale, the article reviews critical touchpoints on the path to purchase. Review it with your staff to convert customers from browsers to buyers.

2009s7. Balancing Act
In April 2009, readers learned how successful retailers across the country balanced the pressures of retail excellence while raising a new family. Review the article to learn their lessons for true balance.



8. Adding to Each Transaction
In March 2010, Hardware Retailing readers were reminded of the importance of ensuring each transaction is lucrative for their business. This article takes a look at common DIY projects and the products needed to accomplish each. From weatherizing the home to updating paint and repairing trouble-making toilets, the article is a great resource to ensure your staff is helping customers complete their projects successfully from start to finish.

2010s9. Stepping Out, Stepping In
In August 2016, four retailers who planned to exit their business gave advice on successful succession. From working with financial professionals to finding the right buyer, this article is full of helpful advice for anyone involved with buying or selling a business.


10. Measuring Your Performance
In December 2018, the latest Market Measure report featured financial analysis of the industry’s players and results from the annual Cost of Doing Business Study. Don’t miss the next Market Measure report in the December 2019 issue.

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