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3 Spring Cleaning Tasks to Keep Your Merchandising Fresh

It’s springtime, which means you’re likely seeing more foot traffic, and those feet may be dirty. Even though business is picking up the pace, you should still commit to regular spring cleaning maintenance.

Having a clean store will help customers more easily find what they need and will improve the appeal of your merchandising. Here are a few quick spring cleaning tasks to keep in your daily routine.

  1. Grab a rag. Products that look old or dirty aren’t likely to sell, so assign different sections of the store to be dusted each day of the week. Consider breaking up the spaces between morning, afternoon and evening shifts so each area gets attention. While your team members are dusting, remind them to front and face shelves and address merchandise that’s in the wrong area.
  2. Look outside in. Now that it’s warming up, you may have the chance to use outside space like sidewalks or even the parking lot to merchandise outside. Be sure to keep the walkway swept and the windows sparkling to attract customers. Send an associate outside regularly to check the stock and rearrange displays as items are sold.
  3. Take the plunge. While you may not think restrooms play into merchandising, an unclean restroom can definitely become a negative customer experience. Restrooms can become a much bigger project if they’re not regularly refreshed. Check restrooms twice per shift to make sure they’re stocked and clean. Also, let customers test out the products from your household goods department, such as air freshener and hand soap.

In between regular store cleaning and maintaining your merchandising, use the North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) Trainer’s Toolbox at your next employee meeting to refresh their skills. NRHA launched two new training videos this year geared toward spring selling, including lawn care and pest control.

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