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Barbecue Seasoning

Spice It Up: 2 Product Categories for Outdoor Grilling

In recent years, many homeowners have become backyard dwellers, spending the majority of their time outside instead of going out. According to a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Omaha Steaks, 79% of Americans enjoy outdoor BBQs with friends and family more than going out to a restaurant.

As the seasons change and customers are coming to your store to purchase a new grill and accessories, here are a variety of products you should stock to make your store a grilling destination.

Seasonings Galore

Stocking a variety of seasonings for grilling and smoking food is the easiest way to build transaction size through add-on sales. There are thousands of seasoning brands, all with similar flavorings so when thinking about what to purchase, try to go with well-known brands that customers recognize. Spiceology, a well-known brand and a top choice for high-level home cooks and professionals, sells a variety of barbecue seasonings including:

Another well-known barbecue seasoning brand is Meat Church BBQ. Meat Church sells seasonings such as:

Although stocking brands customers will know, it’s a good idea to search for brands local to your store as well to introduce products made in your communities.

Sauce Boss

What goes better with a 12-hour smoked brisket? Sauce. From barbecue sauce to hot sauce, stocking something to cover or dip the meat in after cooking is a must when curating your selection. Hoff and Pepper is a great, USA-made sauce company based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Some of their various sauces include:

Gabrick Barbecue Sauce Co. is a relatively new brand that blossomed after its food trailer shut down during the pandemic, resulting in the company pivoting its business model to bottle its popular sauces.

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