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Retailer Incorporates Reclaimed Wood in New Store Design

The Seright’s Ace Hardware store in Rathdrum, Idaho, is brand-new, but it has a little bit of the old mixed in.

When the property for the new store, which now has three locations in Idaho, was purchased, there was a 100-year-old barn on the land, says co-owner Brett Seright. “We had to remove it to continue construction, but we thought it would be a waste if we didn’t re-use parts of it.”

He spoke with the architect, and they decided to incorporate some of the lumber and galvanized siding into the store.

Now, the outside of the store boasts a background of reclaimed wood behind the Ace logo, and some of the barn’s siding was used in the entryway, near where unused shopping carts sit.

There’s more reclaimed wood behind the checkout area. “We will eventually put our store logo and core values on that wall as well,” Seright says.

He says there were some extra labor costs associated with carefully dismantling the barn so parts could be reused, but that the extra price was well worth it. “It was an opportunity we didn’t want to pass up.”

The siding and lumber aren’t the only older parts of the otherwise new store. The back wall of the store features old photos of the community that are from the local historical society.

“We like to find different ways to show our ties to the community,” Seright says.


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