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Management Program Questions, Answered

Thinking about investing in your management and future leaders?

The North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) Retail Management Certification Program (RMCP) is designed to enhance the retail operations knowledge of top-performing employees. It provides leaders with the skills they need to engage in strategic planning, decision-making and high-level leadership activities.

Below, NRHA answers some of retailers’ most frequently asked questions about RMCP.

I’m not sure how this program applies to my business. What topics does it cover?
RMCP is a college-level program designed specifically for independent home improvement retailers and staff. Over six months, the program covers topics including finances, marketing, merchandising, human resources and more.

I haven’t been in a classroom in years. How do I know I’ll be able to learn this way?
This isn’t a course that requires writing papers and taking tests. It involves simulations, small group activities, case studies, role-playing exercises and best practices sharing sessions that are directly applicable to your business.

How is it different from any other management program?
The independent home improvement industry is unique. While students come from different business types, professional backgrounds and geographic locations, everyone in the room speaks the same retail language. Because of this, the program is much more applicable to your specific professional needs than other advanced leadership training programs and courses.

Join a Live Q&A on June 21!

Want to hear it straight from the source? On June 21, NRHA is hosting a live Q&A webinar with program graduates to allow interested retailers and their employees to ask questions in real time. Want to know more about the workload? Time commitment? Business improvement projects? Biggest challenges? This unscripted session is your chance to get honest answers. Register here.

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