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Kids Build and Grow With Garden Grant

Michelle Overbeck loves to see the enthusiasm on the faces of children when a truck from Big Creek Lumber pulls up in front of their school. Overbeck is the marketing manager for the company, which has five locations in central California.

The garden beds are part of a grant program that gives local schools everything they need to build two 4-by-8-foot garden beds that can be used to teach children about gardening and healthy living.

“When we show up at a school with the garden beds on our truck, I love to see the excitement of the kids waiting to unload it,” she says. “We feel fortunate that we are able to give back to our communities.”

She hopes the kids are learning about construction and understanding that it’s something they can do.

“I also think it’s very important that we’re helping these kids grow their own food and learn where their food comes from,” she says. “We’re helping them start healthy habits while they’re still young.”

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