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Hot Products – December 6, 2023

Mobile Workshop

The MULE 5-in-1 Mobile Workshop is the ultimate project cart for capable DIYers and professionals. With a powerful, 3-speed adjustable fan, bright LED light, power strip with a 10-foot cord, loading tray to haul materials and tool caddy to store small tools, the Mobile Workshop reduces clutter in any workspace and adds convenience to any job.

MULE | muleproducts.com

Transportable Fuel Station

The new Fuel Station is UN/DOT approved for the transport of gasoline by motor vehicle and to gravity dispense fuel into gas-powered portable equipment, vehicle fuel tanks or other approved containers. Built with safety as the number one priority, this Steel Portable Fuel Station has been vigorously tested for leakage, rupture, stability, abuse and endurance. It was specially designed to be bolted onto or inside a trailer for those needing to transport fuel.

JohnDow Industries | johndow.com


The design of the FreeForm Grip-Free Paintbrush allows the fingers and arm to relax, resulting in improved control and greatly reduced fatigue. Using a FreeForm Paintbrush makes painting enjoyable and pain a thing of the past. The only thing you’ll feel is the satisfaction of a job well done. Available in 1.5-inch, 2-inch, and 2.5-inch all-purpose filament for all paint types and projects.

FreeForm | freeformbrush.com

Barbecue Seasoning

Holy Voodoo is a savory barbecue seasoning with back-end heat. The seasoning is made for poultry, ribs, vegetables and more. This savory rub has a Cajun influence and a Texas jalapeño kick. Available in a 14-ounce bottle, 1-pound resealable bag or 5-pound bag.

Meat Church | meatchurch.com

Knee Pads

High-quality KneeBlades® allow for more balance, flexibility and mobility on the job site. The three-wheeled mobile base allows for full 360-degree turning capability, without lifting from the floor. Close-to-the-ground roller design minimizes back stress. With the push of a button, you can go from KneeBlade to knee pad. KneeBlades are ideal for flooring installation, auto detailing and maintenance and yard and garden cleanup.

MilesCraft | milescraft.com

Cushioned Pad

Considered Earth Edge’s flagship product, the 1-inch and 2-inch NBR kneeling pads are bigger in size offering ultimate comfort. Use on any hard surface while kneeling or sitting.

Earth Edge | earthedgeproducts.com

Multitool Sheath

This robust multitool, knife and accessory sheath from 1791 Everyday Carry is designed for exceptional durability and convenience. Meticulously crafted from premium full-grain American leather, this sheath provides a secure, reliable and stylish storage solution for your essential tools up to 4-inch long and 1.6-inch wide. The sheath features a snap closure for added protection.

1791 Everyday Carry | 1791edc.com

Wrist Tape Holder

The 180 Tape Holder is a versatile tool that lets you carry and access painter’s tape with ease. Wear it as a wristband to keep tape handy while masking walls and trim, attach to your belt for a roll ready at your side or strap to a ladder so the tape is right where you need it. Designed for painters, contractors and DIYers, the 180 Tape Holder saves you time and frustration.

180 Tape Holder | 180tapeholder.com


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