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Help Customers Bundle Up With Winter Clothing

As we get further into 2019, the winter in many areas is growing increasingly frigid. Snow storms are dumping snow across the U.S., while diving temperatures are forcing consumers to consider just how many layers of winter clothing is enough to make it through their morning commute.

While high fashion for the winter season might not be an independent home improvement retailer’s primary market, there are plenty of cold-weather clothing options to consider when planning for the winter season. Even adding smaller winter clothing items like gloves and socks can be an asset for add-on sales and impulse buys.

Heavy-Duty Footwear

A hardware retailer doesn’t have to go full footwear showroom to aid their customers in icy conditions. Boots designed for slippery surfaces and overshoes fit well with other safety products normally found in the hardware category. Snow boots can be designed to be slipped on quickly on the way to clear a driveway, so merchandising boots near the shovels can remind customers what faces them when they get home.

The Case for Construction

Construction projects don’t always call it quits when cold weather hits, and construction employees or even contractors need to work in the cold. While a professional in construction will likely have options for work gloves and boots, the same protection from hammers and saws that works in the summer won’t offer protection from the cold. Stocking up on sturdier winter clothing gear oriented for professionals shows a retailer can be a year-round resource.

Add-On Potential

People don’t always plan ahead, and that can leave a customer out in the cold without hats, gloves, scarves and plenty of other winter necessities. Retailers have a wide assortment of these kinds of clothing options, ranging from hat options that can work with hard hats to whimsical winter- and holiday-themed socks. Customers might spy a design they like for themselves or even as a gift, while fast-approaching winter weather can lead to a customer grabbing a hat on the way out the door.

Looking for more winter-related items? Here are four insulation projects retailers can sell for the winter season.

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