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Four Insulation Projects To Sell Before Winter

Fall is nearly here, and as soon as the temperatures begin to drop, homeowners will begin thinking of ways to insulate the house before winter. As a home improvement retailer, you should be the destination for these items. Take some time early in the season to remind your employees about some of the most popular projects associated with getting the home ready for cold weather.


There are several solutions for customers looking to fill in the gaps and cracks around the home where cold weather or pesky bugs could enter. Caulk, weatherstripping, window film and expanding foam are all solutions. You can collect all of these items on an endcap to remind customers to start this project early. Don’t forget to include add-on items, such as a clip-strip of utility knives or a display of caulking guns.


If you sell insulation, refresh your employees’ product knowledge on this larger project. Include merchandising aids to help. Post a diagram showing the recommended R-values for the area. This chart should also list the recommended R-values for the different areas of the house. If you have a rental department and have a blower for loose fill insulation, make sure customers know about it – don’t wait for them to ask. Provide signage near the insulation that clearly states the terms of the rental. Also advertise any delivery service you may have close to the insulation.

Add-on items to have nearby the insulation include a tape measure and utility knife for measuring and cutting lengths of insulation; a portable light for navigating attics and crawlspaces; respiratory protection, goggles and cotton gloves for the types of insulation that can irritate the skin; and a staple gun for fastening to framing members of the house.

Furnace Filter

An experienced technician should service the filter, but changing the furnace filter is a recommended part of routine maintenance homeowners can easily do. Arrange these in a good, better, best arrangement. Take time in a company meeting to refresh your employees’ product knowledge on the differences in the filter types. Encourage customers to buy an extra filter so they have it when it’s time to change it.


Customers will want to wrap pipes with heating tape or insulation, especially if those pipes are in areas near the perimeter of the house. While customers have plumbing on their minds, suggest that they repair any leaky faucets. Encourage customers to take preemptive action and insulate pipes before the freeze. Otherwise, they may need pipe repair items after a hard freeze. Also, stock outdoor faucet covers on endcaps. Remind customers to drain and store hoses for the winter and then insulate the outdoor faucet so it doesn’t freeze over the winter.

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