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February New Products

AqualiteSolar-Powered Lantern
Eton’s Aqualite is a solar-powered emergency lantern that features a collapsible silicone rubber water bottle body, water purification straw, a built-in SOS and strobe light and a USB smartphone charger. It includes an emergency whistle, carabiner, alcohol pads, sting relief pads, adhesive bandages and a flint and steel fire starter.

etoncorp.com or 800-872-2228

Precision AnglePrecision Angle
Each INCRA angle is guaranteed +/-0.001 inch from nominal along either side of the blade. INCRA uses advanced manufacturing methods to carve a solid ¼-inch thick slab of aluminum into a one-piece, gold-anodized spine that serves as both the blade and central part of the handle for accuracy and consistency. The spine projects beyond the handle’s cheek plates to produce a support lip to help keep the handle flat on the edge of a board. It also has a machined recess on the inside corner to keep the fuzzy corner of a board from affecting measurement.

INCRA.COM OR 972-242-9975

Torx ScrewdriversTorx® Screwdrivers
Mayhew’s fixed Torx Screwdrivers are precision machined for exact fit and maximum grip. Each set comes in a sturdy pouch to keep the screwdrivers organized, secure and easily accessible. The handles are acetate and the screwdrivers are available in five sets and backed by a lifetime warranty.

mayhew.com or 800-872-0037

Disinfectant SprayDisinfectant and Antimicrobial Spray
MicroGold® Multi-Action Disinfectant & Antimicrobial Spray is EPA approved, tested and proven effective to kill the COVID-19 virus. Suitable for use in hospitals and homes, MicroGold kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on hard, nonporous surfaces. While common disinfectants last a few short minutes, the additional benefit of an antimicrobial is suppressing the growth of infectious microorganisms. The solution is nonabrasive and is alcohol and bleach free.

getmicrogold.com or 816-674-2531

Ceiling FanOutdoor Ceiling Fan
The Basic-Max Outdoor Ceiling Fan from Maxim Lighting is suitable for wet locations and features three speeds with reverse. It can be installed three different ways: close mount, standard stem or with optional stems up to 72 inches long. It is available in black and oil-rubbed bronze finishes and measures 52 inches wide.

maximlighting.com or 626-956-4200

canning jarsCanning Jar
Kilner Round Clip Top Jars include an orange rubber seal and are perfect for storing dry goods such as rice, flour, tea, coffee and more. They are dishwasher safe.

rayware.co.uk or customerservice@rayware.co.uk

chalk reelCompact Chalk Reel
Crescent’s Compact Chalk Reel offers 60 percent more line than similar competitive reels and has a 3 to 1 gear ratio for quicker retraction. A push-button release disengages the reel so the line can be pulled out faster, and the fold-away handle locks the retrieval arm in place to prevent breaking or inadvertent unreeling.

crescenttool.com or 800-650-8665

Furnace FilterFurnace Filter
Filti’s 9500 Home Filter uses highly efficient nanofiber material to capture 95 percent of airborne particles including viruses, bacteria, allergens, pet dander, VOCs, sneeze nuclei and more. These filters have a MERV 16 rating and are available in most residential sizes.

filti.com or 913-274-9843

Boot DryerBoot Dryer
The Ozone Boot Dryer from Scent Crusher® uses a chemical-free drying method that destroys odors, mold, mildew and viruses by using heated air and ozone. The air pipes adjust to fit tall boots to small slip-on shoes. Its small footprint and weight makes it suitable for use in mudrooms or hallways. It can run up to three hours and has an automatic shutoff timer.

scentcrusher.com or 877-575-3173

Knee Compression SleevesKnee Compression Sleeve
Designed for workers, athletes or anyone needing the benefit of compression, these breathable, knit compression sleeves enable a full range of motion for all-day comfort and reduce pain by improving blood flow and decreasing swelling. Silicone grips on thighs keeps the sleeves in place during use and they’re low-profile to wear under clothes without adding bulk. Ergodyne’s knee compression sleeves are machine washable.

ergodyne.com or orders@ergodyne.com

Ladder StabilizerLadder Stabilizer
Ladder’s Little Helper wraps around the lip of the gutter to provide a stable base to lean a ladder against. Rippled rubber on the underside and face of the device provides grip on both the gutter and ladder, while the raised sides help prevent sideways movement. Ladder’s Little Helper’s patented design fits 99 percent of gutters and ladders. Made of lightweight polypropylene, the device is simple to use: Insert a pole into the bottom, place Ladder’s Little Helper on your gutter and lean your ladder against the device for a safer work environment.

ladderslittlehelper.com or sales@ladderslittlehelper.com

Underdesk Wire ManagerVertical Wire Manager
Mockett’s Under Desk Vertical Wire Manager mounts to the underside of a desk and gangs cables together to channel them vertically from the floor to desktop in a controlled fashion. Clamshell flaps open and close for easy access to add or remove cables. It is available in black, white or metallic silver.

mockett.com or 800-523-1269

BreathalyzerKeychain Breathalyzer
The BreathIQ keychain is compact and convenient, fitting in pockets, purses, small compartments or in vehicle glove boxes. Each keychain holds one disposable alcohol tester. The tester crystal changes color to blue to indicate the person being tested is over the limit. It is available in .04 percent BAC and .08 BAC, and .02 BAC and .05 BAC by special order. As alcohol impairs judgment, BreathIQ is not intended for self-testing.

breathiq.com or 800-876-9395

Straw HatNatural Fiber Hats
Sunny Days Hat Co. offers a variety of hats suitable for sun protection during gardening and other outdoor activities. They offer natural palm hats, coco palm leaf hats, cowboy and western hats, Panama and fedora hats, women’s summer hats, children’s hats and more.

sales@sunnydayhats.com or 562-342-4328

Shower BenchShower Bench
QuickDrain Shower Bench Solutions offer multiple configurations for newly constructed or renovated tile showers. They’re made from 2-inch thick extruded plastic composed of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles. Shower benches meet ADA standard guidelines for height and exceed weight requirements. They install with no mechanical fasteners or anchors required. QuickDrain Shower Benches are available in large and small triangles styles, as well as a rectangular style.

quickdrainusa.com or 866-998-6685

Shade sailRetailers' Choice Awards logoShade Sail
Shade Sail was recognized with a Retailers’ Choice award, but was left out of last month’s roundup. We apologize for the omission. Shade Sail is a functional, artistic application of the Hendee Enterprise Custom Shade product line. The look and multiple color options make this product adaptable, from dressing up an outdoor garden center, a park or business’ seating area, to offering sun protection for children on a playground.

hendee.com or 800-231-7275

Cutting BoardChild-Safe Cutting Board and Knife Set
Handstand Kitchen’s Chopping Block collection features kid-safe kitchen knives and cutting boards designed for young chefs to use safely and comfortably. Knives and cutting boards are made from food-grade BPA-free materials that are reusable and hand washable.


Digital LevelDigital Level
The 905D Condor™ Digital Level with OPTIVISION™ Red Technology from Kapro Tools features the largest LCD display in its class. The display is tilted at 45 degrees with a flip readout for optimal readability at any angle. The level includes a mode function for selecting degree percentage, pitch in mm/m, in. /ft. and in. /ft. in fraction format. It also includes electronic recalibration, visual and audible slope indication and a low battery indicator signal. The 905D is IP65-certified waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty.

kapro.com or 920-648-2900

Portable Sanitizing BackpackPortable Sanitizing System Backpack
This mobile, lightweight design allows users to sanitize large or small areas quickly and efficiently with the touch of a button. The ExtremeMist® PSS Portable Sanitizing System features a 2-liter reservoir and weighs only 6 pounds fully loaded. It includes an eight-speed wireless remote, allowing total control of the rate and density of the disinfection solution and is suitable for home or commercial sanitizing applications.

portablesanitizingsystem.com or 602-368-9625

Electric PrunerElectric Garden Pruner
The STIHL GTA 26 battery-powered garden pruner uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to provide up to 80 cuts between charges. It features toolless bar-and-chain replacement, a trigger switch lockout, a retractable chain guard, rubber grips and an LED light display to provide charge level and tool status. It includes a battery, charger, multi-oil and transport bag.

stihlusa.com or 800-467-8445

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