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Survey Your Customers About Your Operation’s Price Image

What Do Customers Think of Your Prices?

Surveying shoppers about their perception of the prices at Palos Ace Hardware in Palos, Heights, Illinois, helped owner Dan Harris better understand what his customers think about his business’s prices and those of his competitors.

Read about the exit surveys and results in the price image story from the August issue of Hardware Retailing magazine, and then consider conducting exit surveys yourself.

You, too, can survey customers during the checkout process to learn more from them about your store’s price image.

For the Palos Ace survey, Hardware Retailing staffers stood inside the store between the entrance and exit doors and asked customers to fill out the surveys before they left the building.

We have created a customizable version of the survey that you can print and use at your operation.

We recommend that you ask customers to complete and submit the surveys before they leave the store. Using small cash or gift card incentives can be important for encouraging participation. We used $5 gift cards to reward survey takers, but other dollar amounts or even cash could work better in other markets.

Download the survey at TheRedT.com/price-survey-download.

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