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Eight Ways to Make a Color Splash with Paint Merchandising

Because paint is visual, it’s easier than other items to merchandise. A good paint job, however, is more than just color and finish; customers will look to you, the retailer, to ensure they have all they need for a job that looks professional. Merchandise your paint and sundries to initiate talking points with customers that push sales beyond brushes and tape.

  • Mass display paint.
  • Merchandise painting tools and sundries near paint and the paint-mixing area and group products by end use. For example, display paint thinners and removers together.
  • Show paints, stains and other decorating materials in use. Techniques include project centers, mass displays, image displays and finished-product displays. And don’t forget to promote the benefits of new technologies that will appeal to the pro sector.
  • Green trends in paint are having an increased effect on the paint department and today’s paint consumer. Offset your eco-friendly and low-VOC products in their own area and provide information on their benefits.
  • Couples and families shop in this department and will spend time there planning their projects. Create an environment they are inspired in. Have a sit-down area with books, magazines and electronic planning assistance.
  • Paint and decorating products lead to projects. Merchandising should suggest decorating ideas as well as provide products and how-to information. With wallpaper gaining popularity, try setting up a wallpaper display to complement your paint department.
  • Vignettes or spin racks near the service desk provide an eye-catching way to offer samples of paints and paint products materials.
  • Promote custom color matching and consultant services with a color studio by offsetting your department.

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