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Creative Displays Become Store Attraction

Customers at the Buchheit store in Jackson, Missouri, don’t have to search very hard to spot the elusive Sasquatch. In fact, they’ll find the legendary Bigfoot right off the main aisle guarding the gigantic copper still also on display.

These kinds of creative displays can be found throughout the Jackson store, which is one of eight total in the Buchheit chain.

While Buchheit locations are serious about offering their customers a complete range of hardware, farm, outdoor power equipment and lawn and garden supplies, they also mix in an assortment of other eclectic items, ranging from smoked hams and whiskey jugs to old-fashioned pedal cars and antique signs. On the retail spectrum, the stores fall somewhere between a Home Depot, Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shop and Cracker Barrel, with something for everyone to see.

Other unique sights for visitors include turkey and deer tracks painted on the floor to guide them through the massive selection of unique candies, treats and other impulse items; a full selection of antique-looking signs on the wall opposite the checkout lanes; and a stuffed groundhog that recounts the operation’s founding on Groundhog Day.

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