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McCord Son to Join Family Business

According to a local news outlet, Mike McCord didn’t want to pressure his son to consider taking over the family business, McCord’s Do-It Best hardware store. Quite the opposite — he had contemplated auctioning or closing the business in 10 …

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Time Management Tricks for Small Business Owners

If you always feel behind—and think the only way to stay on top of your business is to work non-stop—try these time management tips. Turn off technology. Yes, technology helps you get more done in less time, but emails, alerts, …

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Dealing With Online Reviews

Nearly 90 percent of consumers check online reviews to learn more about a product, service or business, yet most businesses owners don’t know to garner the power of a positive review or mitigate the negative of a poor one. Use …

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The Future of Retail

For the past few years, brick-and-mortar retailers didn’t have a fighting chance to compete with the personalization and convenience provided by online shopping. By cultivating mountains of rich customer data, online retailers had the upper hand. Every action and inaction …

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5 Tips for Better Management

Good news: Here’s a simple process, five easy steps, to improve your business. It’s easy to do. And, if you’re not doing something like this already, then this simple addition to your process offers you substantial business improvement. To read …

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Help Customers Prepare for Damaging Storms

Just as expert meteorologists predicted, the delayed storm season has started off in a damaging and devastating manner. As homeowners head to hardware stores the next few weeks to prepare for the next storm outbreak, retailers should be armed with …

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Seven Documents Business Owners Need Now

stock-succession-planning Feature

Every year a lot of business owners need help in preparing blueprints to protect their net worth, their closely held businesses and their families. Many of these owners do not have the right legal documents to protect their businesses. This …

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