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Colors that Make a Statement in 2015

Summary of 2015’s Colors of the Year Each year, paint manufacturer reveal their colors of the year, creating a grand mix of contradicting color choices. Some manufacturers choose one specific color while others select a broad assortment, creating different palettes. …

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Hot or Not: Pinning Down the Paint Trends of 2015

To download a PDF of this story, click here. To download the Paint Selling Guide, visit hardwareretailing.com/paint-trends.  With the growing popularity of do-it-yourself TV shows, Pinterest projects, YouTube videos and other social sharing sites, today’s consumers are more fashion-forward than ever—devoting more time to testing …

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Housewares Selling Guide

Independent home improvement retailers have a natural competitive advantage against the big boxes –they are independent. This locality allows hometown hardware stores to differentiate their product mix through the incorporation of products from local vendors, something big boxes don’t normally do. The February …

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Finding Local Housewares is Easy

housewares video

To view the full video click here. Do you want to incorporate local products into your store but don’t know where to begin? Visiting your local farmers market or arts district are both great places to start. In this video, …

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Endless Possibilities in Housewares


To download a PDF of this story click here and to download the Housewares Selling Guide visit hardwareretailing.com/housewares-localgoods.  By Sara Logel, slogel@nrha.org and Renee Changnon, rchangnon@nrha.org For many home improvement retailers, the housewares department is a great place to showcase new and exciting products, bring color …

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Touchless Technology for Plumbing Products

touchless technology

Touchless faucets and automatic flush toilets are present in many restaurants, rest stops and malls across the country. The products are also making their way into homes as manufacturers create models that look trendy in kitchens and bathrooms. A panel …

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Where the Water is Flowing: New Trends in Plumbing Technology

plumbing technology

To download a PDF of this full story click here and visit hardwareretailing.com/plumbing-selling-guide to download the Plumbing Selling Guide and full-page water fact sheet. When you think about all of the categories within a home improvement store where technology has had an impact, plumbing may …

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