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Busy Boards Keep Kids Captivated

When Megan and Brent Melby, co-owners of Melby’s Home Center in Scandia, Kansas, wanted to get rid of some old inventory, they found a creative way to use several pieces at once: by building a busy board for kids.

Busy boards are developmental tools that give toddlers a chance to try out hinges, latches and other fasteners, helping develop fine motor skills.

Megan built a busy board that was about two feet by two feet, using some spare pieces, such as door hinges and handles, and put it on display in the store’s hardware department.

After she posted some photos online, several customers with young children came in to find out how they could make their own.

“People loved them,” says Brent. “I wish we’d thought of it when my kids were younger!”

He says there continues to be positive feedback.

“These were great fun to make,” says Megan. “The little kids just have a ball playing with them,” she says.

Customers know they can find all the parts they need for their busy boards at Melby’s.

The store also sells lumber needed for the board, as well as paints and stains for any customers who want to decorate their busy boards.

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