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Blish-Mize Celebrates Employee Achievement

Employee longevity is a rarity these days, but at Blish-Mize, the company is celebrating just that.

Lynn Banks, Gerald Banks, and Galen Banks have each worked in the Blish-Mize distribution center in Atchison, Kan., for more than 40 years. The brothers have more than 120 combined years of loyal service to the company.

“The Banks’ family’s lifelong dedication to Blish-Mize is a most unique and outstanding achievement of which makes us so proud. All three brothers have a history of excellent attendance and positive attitudes. Combined with superior knowledge and accuracy, these brothers give new meaning to the words dedication, commitment, loyalty, and work ethic, “ says Jonathan Mize, CEO and president of Blish-Mize Co.

When asked how it happened that the three brothers came to work at Blish-Mize, Lynn Banks recounted that he was hired first, and his manager was so impressed with his work ethic, the other two brothers we hired shortly thereafter.“Time has gone by really fast. I have met and worked with a lot of really great people over the years,” says Lynn.

Gerald Banks talked about the changes that have occurred during his 40 years of employment with the company. “The amazing transformation over the years from the days of picking with a shopping cart and a hand written ticket to the voice technology, scanners and power equipment we use today, has been both exciting and fascinating to be a part of.”

Galen stressed the importance of family and talked of how the three brothers have always worked together, even before coming to work at Blish-Mize.

“No matter what we did, we always seemed to stick together when it came to working. Whether that was putting up hay for a farmer, or working for 40 years in the Blish-Mize distribution center, we are still doing it together.”

Blish-Mize customers include hardware stores, retail home centers, building materials dealers, lumberyards and paint stores. The company is built on a customer-centric business philosophy and is constantly looking for ways to enhance service.

Company management is now in its fifth generation of the founders and is celebrating its 143rd year in business.

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