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5 Customer Service Tips to Grow Sales

You can carry a huge selection of products and offer many extra services, but unless you pair those with excellent customer service, you’ll have trouble retaining customers and growing sales. Retail expert Bob Phibbs recently shared his top 10 customer service tips for retailers to increase sales. We’ve picked our top five customer service tips for home improvement retailers to help you grow sales and improve overall customer relations. 

1). Greet your customers. While it may seem elementary, addressing and welcoming each customer goes a long way to boosting sales and gaining loyal customers. You don’t have to engage each customer in a long conversation; a simple “Hello, how can I help you?” is often enough. While not every customer wants help, most appreciate being recognized and knowing there is someone there to help if they do need it. 

2). Listen. Again, this may seem like an obvious tip. Rather than rushing a customer to find out what they need and move on to the next customer, take a few extra moments to listen to them. Ask them about the project they’re working on or what some of their hobbies are that may have brought them into the store. They may reveal helpful information that helps you close the sale or even boost the transaction size with add-on sales. 

3). Make it about the customer. When assisting a customer, focus on them and what they need. Maybe you have a long to-do list to get to, but in that moment with that customer, be completely present and willing to serve their needs. Provide them with the products they need and the knowledge to use those products, as well as encouragement to get the job done. 

4). Embrace new customers. When a regular customer comes into the store, it’s easy to engage with them because you already have a relationship. Every regular customer was once a new customer, so be sure to give any new shoppers the same level of attention and engagement that you give your regular patrons. 

5). Designate a ringleader. Have one or two customer service leaders who your other employees can look up to and who provide a consistent good example of what to do. These cheerleaders should also be able to rally their fellow employees to want to do good work and provide guidance and motivation during difficult customer interactions.

Discover 10 more essential elements of customer service here and see how two retailers adjusted their approach to customer service during the pandemic. 

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