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10 Ways NRHA Can Help Your Business

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As an independent home improvement retailer, you have access to a wide variety of benefits through the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA), your trade association. Many of the resources are free and easy to access. You can also take advantage of more in-depth training aids, programs, conferences and more. In addition to publishing Hardware Retailing magazine, here are 10 resources your association has created for you. Learn more at nrha.org/membership.

1. Retail Management Certification Program
This program gives future retail leaders a chance to build a network of peers, create a business plan that will provide a return on investment and generate new ideas. Ideal for upper-level managers, this course develops strategic planning, decision-making and leadership skills. Learn more at nrharmcp.com.

2. Training Made Easy
If you need help starting or improving your training program, look no further than NRHA’s Train the Trainer guide. It’s full of tips, instructions and examples from retailers on creating an effective program using NRHA’s online training and Trainer’s Toolbox resources, which are quick, three- to five-minute lessons on topics including operations, merchandising, selling skills and product knowledge. Get the guide at TheRedT.com/trainer.

3. Industry Research
Looking for a way to compare your business’s performance to others in the industry or see how much money stays in your community when customers shop at your business? NRHA’s research library helps you stay informed. Popular studies include the Cost of Doing Business Study, Home Sweet Home Study, Merchandising for Profit and the annual Market Measure Report. Access these and more at nrha.org/membership.

4. State of Independents Conference
NRHA’s State of Independents Conference lets retailers get up close and personal with manufacturers, distributors and other retailers to build better relationships and voice their opinions. NRHA is the only organization that brings retailers together to have a collective voice in the industry. Register for this year’s conference at soic.eventbrite.com.

5. Intensive Online Employee Training
An NRHA Training Membership gives retailers access to in-depth online training, including interactive lessons, study guides and tests on topics like product knowledge and selling skills. Some of NRHA’s popular courses include Basic Training in Hardware Retailing, Basic Training in Building Materials Retailing and Our Three Pennies of Profit. Learn more at TheRedT.com/nrha-training.

6. Business Services
Running a business means managing responsibilities like health insurance, human resources and payroll. NRHA partners with expert organizations to offer a suite of business services designed with independent retailers’ needs in mind to provide alternative solutions. Learn more about the programs at TheRedT.com/business-services.

7. NRHA All-Industry Conference
Held in conjunction with the National Hardware Show®, the NRHA All-Industry Conference is a series of educational seminars and networking events that are free for retailers to attend. It offers insights into issues like omnichannel retailing, consumer behavior and generational trends. More details at nrhaconference.com.

8. Retailer Research Panel
Members of NRHA’s Retailer Research Panel complete monthly surveys on various industry topics to help the association collect data for studies, industry events and Hardware Retailing articles. Not only do participants provide pertinent information that helps move the industry forward, but panelists also receive exclusive access to research and are eligible to win a $250 gift card each quarter. For more information, visit TheRedT.com/join-the-panel.

9. Foundations of Leadership Program
This online course introduces key concepts of leadership and personal development to employees who are new to management. Participants engage in several assessments to determine their leadership style and learn how to develop their leadership skills based on their style. Coursework presents best practices in communication, problem-solving and building and developing teams. Learn more at TheRedT.com/rli.

10. Retailer Roundtables
Connecting with retailers inside and outside your wholesale affiliation can be invaluable. NRHA’s many roundtables allow retailers from across North America to get together and speak about topics like finance, human resources, marketing, leadership and more. Get more information at TheRedT.com/rli.

About Lynnea Chom

Lynnea is the senior graphic designer for Hardware Retailing magazine, where she works on the layout and design of the magazine and other custom publications. She also does print design for NRHA’s marketing materials, programs and other in-house projects. Lynnea graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Graphic Design. She lives in her hometown of Greenwood, Indiana. During her free time, she enjoys designing, painting, reading and volunteering at her family-owned childcare facility.

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