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3 Kitchen Accessories to Keep Customers Cooking

Even if you don’t have a full housewares department, stocking a few kitchen accessories in your store can show your customers you are always evolving. Here are three common kitchen accessories to bring into your store.


Whether your customers want to keep clean while cooking or working in their garage, aprons have a variety of uses and are an easy addition to your store. The French Apron from Portland Apron Company is 34-inches tall, 32-inches wide and 9-inches across the top of the chest. It is available in 10 color and pattern options and features two pockets.

The Lockharte Bib Canvas Apron from ChefWorks is another great option if you want to provide your customers a quality apron at a great price.

Cutting Boards

Another kitchen staple, cutting boards are easy to merchandise and don’t take up a lot of room on the shelves. Many outdoor cooking brands also sell accessories like cutting boards. The Cutting Board from Weber features a grooved edging that can catch juices from falling off and is compact enough to fit on the side table of many grills. It is also knife-friendly and dishwasher safe.

Coastal Carolina Cutting Boards is another quality cutting board made from wood. Their traditional cutting boards are available in multiple size and pattern options. Each board can be customized and can also be engraved with custom messaging.

Knife Sharpeners

Just like your customers take care of their tools, they should take care of their kitchen knives. The Accusharp Knife & Tool Sharpener from Fortune Products is a compact and easy-to-use blade sharpener that is a great option to stock.

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