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When Merchandising Products, Look Upward

_DSC0291The owner of Ayd Hardware in Baltimore has gotten creative with decorating his store, and the way he is merchandising products contributes to the unique look.

Owner Vince Ayd hangs flags from around the world as decorations, and he has a mural painted on the outside of the building.

But his store’s merchandising is decorative, too — and some of the impact comes from finding creative ways to go upward with displays. For example, outside the store, watering cans hang from plant hooks above a pot of flowers and look like they are perpetually sprinkling the blooms.

_DSC0262Inside Ayd Hardware, floppy hats hang from a sign above the cash register, dangling over a shelf of impulse items.

Elsewhere in the store, a selection of heat lamps is hooked onto the top of a wire rack of bungee cords, pointing up and outward like a bouquet of spotlights.

The Ayd Hardware style of moving merchandise upward would be simple to replicate in a store of any size.

Merchandising products by hanging them creatively is a way to conserve shelf space and create fun displays, while making even basic hardware store products, such as heat lamps, eye catching.

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