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4 Must-Have Items to Offer in a Vehicle Safety Kit

As cold temperatures set in, it can be a real emergency to be stuck outside hoping for rescue or unable to dig your vehicle out of a bad scrape. Hardware retailers are particularly suited to offer vehicle safety products that can assist motorists in winter conditions, with durable apparel suited to tough conditions to cat litter in the pets department that can give tires traction.

As winter weather impacts your area, consider merchandising these types of materials together in a winter vehicle safety package. Each item plays a role in keeping travelers safe and can be used as a call to action for customers who have not updated their supplies since last year.

Ice Scraper

The go-to ice scraper and snow brush combo is a versatile tool that can be used to clean snow from a vehicle’s windows and roofs. The size and quality of ice scrapers can vary widely, which means you can highlight the highest quality model on the safety display while still offering smaller scrapers in the regular location in the automotive department.

Portable Phone Charger

In addition to having charging cables for a variety of phones, consider highlight portable battery packs that can accommodate several charging devices at one time. Having a spare bit of juice for a phone can be the difference in getting help in an emergency. Retailers with extensive automotive departments can stock portable jumper batteries that can also charge electronics. These batteries can be used year-round to jump a vehicle even without an assist from another car.

First-Aid Kit

There are numerous items in any retailer’s outdoors department that can play a role in a winter incident on the road. Flashlights, emergency blankets and even snacks designed to last in their packaging for a long time can be included in a vehicle safety kit. Be sure to include a reliable prepackaged first-aid kit, which customers can easily grab as an add-on item to any sale.

Cat Litter

Cat litter (or other coarse materials like rock salt or even sand) can be used to help spinning tires get a grip and dislodge a vehicle from a slippery situation. Because these materials don’t expire, they can stay in the trunk until the driver needs them.

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