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Walmart Expert to Speak at NRHA All-Industry Conference

Industry leader, retail behemoth and pioneer of everyday low prices, Walmart is a retail giant who has changed the retail game as we know it.

Charles Fishman, author of “The Wal-Mart Effect,” will kick off the 2016 NRHA All-Industry Conference.

Walmart, along with other industry leaders and trends, will be highlighted at the NRHA All-Industry Conference, which will be held in conjunction with The National Hardware Show®. The Conference, which takes place May 4-6 in Las Vegas, hosts a lineup of educational seminars that include a variety of speakers and industry experts who will provide analysis into industry trends and lessons from industry leaders.

To begin the conference on Wednesday, May 4, Charles Fishman, award-winning investigative journalist and author of “The Wal-Mart Effect,” will take the stage for his presentation, “Succeeding in Spite of Walmart: Understanding ‘The Walmart Effect’ and Using It to Your Advantage.”

More than likely, there is a Walmart in your city or around the corner from your store, and it is a competitor to your home improvement business. To better understand how your business can learn from and compete with Walmart, Fishman will address the many insights he has discovered over the years from his investigation into the retail giant.

He will lay out the surprising and dramatic ways the largest company in history is changing, and what those changes say about the American economy—and the hazards and opportunities they present for Walmart’s competitors.

This seminar will not only provide you with insight into one of your competitors, but it will also give you takeaways and lessons from Walmart that you can implement into your own business.

Learn more about attending Fishman’s keynote and other conference events by visiting the NRHA All-Industry Conference website. For details on registration, visit the National Hardware Show® website.

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