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Using Effective Signage in Your Store

It’s important to use effective signage to clearly communicate with your customers. Make sure each piece of signage, whether interior or exterior, tells your customers exactly what they need to know. Proper signage means a more convenient shopping experience for your customers and bigger sales for you!

Exterior Signage

Let your customers know more about your store—who you are and what you sell—before they even walk in the door. They may not know if your store is a hardware store, grocery, farm store, general store or something else if you don’t communicate it with clear signage, and if they don’t know, they may drive on by to find a different store when you would have been able to help them with what they needed.

country store
Make sure you are using space on the outside of the building to sell your store.

Interior Signage

Once your customers step inside your store, you want them to know exactly where to go. Make sure your aisles are clearly marked, as well as any special sections of the store, such as contractor counters. Signage promoting the different services you offer is helpful as well. Do you offer screen repair? Put up a sign to show customers where they should take their screens. If you have a rental area or offer key cutting, put up large signs to tell customers where they need to go for those services.

Aisle markers effectively tell customers where different departments, or even specific products, are located.


services offered signage
Along with aisle markers, signs tell customers what kinds of services you offer.


Ace garden center prices
You can even use signage to display pricing for a variety of products.


endcap_Fuseks True Value
Signage on endcaps often promote special pricing.

Also, try using company-provided signage in your store, especially where you may have a blank wall. You can use signage from manufacturers to let customers know that you sell, for example, DeWalt power tools or Carhartt workwear. Or you can use signage from your distributor to promote any of their programs that you offer in your store, or signage that shares a little about your business and its ties to the community.

This signage from a distributor lets customers know where the rental counter is located.


This sign shares a little more information about the business and its history in the community.

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