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Tailgating: More Popular than the Game

Tailgating has become a sport in itself, especially at big southern universities. Avid sports lovers strive to own the best and most team-colored products around to prove they are the biggest fans.

Games, food and drinks are all essential to a tailgate, and grill owners spend an average of $122 on a tailgate party, according to the 25th Weber Grill Survey. Many tailgaters don’t even make it to the game itself. In fact, 50 percent of the grill owners who responded to the survey said they attended a tailgate in the past year but did not go to the game.

Below are the top grills, food and tailgating items.

April Graphic 2

Applied to Retail: As you notice the growing popularity of tailgating at sporting events, recognize that the products can be used for a variety of activities. Tailgate supplies are portable and can be brought many places. Tents, grills, foldable tables and chairs are all items that fall in the tailgate category, but are found on campsites and beaches, as well as near football fields. To learn more about the tailgating category, read this article from the April 2015 issue.


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