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Multi-Use Bags

garbage bag

True Liberty® Bags are all-purpose home and garden bags that are FDA-approved, BPA-free and made of 100 percent food-grade nylon. The bags can store food to extend its shelf life or to cook food, such as turkeys, in many ways. …

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Multipurpose Smart Alarm

smoke alarm

The USI Electric MI106S Hardwired Smoke and Fire Alarm responds to both fast-flaming fires and slow, smoldering fires. The alarm provides the benefits of both photoelectric and ionization alarms in one device. The 120-volt AC hardwired alarm is suitable for …

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Gutter Protection

gutter protection

Gutter Cups® stop leaves, pine needles and other debris from clogging gutters and allow free flow of rainwater even when completely covered by debris. The individual segments fit end to end inside the gutter, forming a multiple-barrier protection system. Gutter …

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Compacting Tool

concrete stamper

The AmpTamp™ is a compacting tool that uses a granular damping chamber to amplify tamping efficiency while reducing fatigue, recoil, injury and breakage. The weight can be altered by adding water, sand or steel ball bearings to the hollow chamber, …

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Locking Tie Down Straps

locking tie down straps

Lockstraps Tie Down Straps are straps that prevent theft with a combination locking carabiner on both sides of the strap. A stainless-steel cable on the inside of the Lockstraps strengthens it. This product secures boating, fishing, camping and landscape equipment …

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Snow Shovel

snow shovel

Not just a snow shovel, but two shovels in one product. The Shark Snow Shovel has a rotating blade head with a standard straight edge on one side, and on the other, a toothed edge capable of breaking through snow …

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Emergency Flood Kit

flood kit

Whether it’s a spring storm, snowmelt or other water disaster, consumers will want to try to protect their property from flood damage as much as possible.  The Quick Dam Emergency Flood Kit comes complete with 22 products meant to control …

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Quiet, consistent power is the name of the game for this fuel-efficient inverter generator by Green Power. With a run time of up to 13 hours on four gallons of fuel, the unit delivers 3,000 watts to power critical equipment. …

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