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Inflatable Hammock


The WindPouch GO™ Inflatable Hammock inflates in seconds. The product has a wedge pillow headrest, includes reinforced seams and triple stitching to support up to 550 pounds of weight, and has an integrated hanging mesh pocket for water bottles, books, …

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Sleeping Pad

sleeping pad

The Insulated Double V is a double-wide pad that sleeps up to two people and provides four-season insulation and comfort. The body-mapped V chamber design limits air movement. The Klymalite™ insulation isolates the top and bottom halves of the pad, …

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Clothing Folder


The MiracleFold™ is a tool that allows the user to fold a garment evenly and uniformly in seconds through five easy steps. The MiracleFold works on all kinds of shirts, pants and towels. It takes up very limited storage space, …

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Scraping Spoon


The Mini Supoon (meaning Sit Up Scraping Spoon) measures one teaspoon and scrapes product out of jars and tight containers. It has a flat, squeegee tip and flexible scraping sides. When a user puts it down, its head sits up, …

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Lockback Pocket Knife

pocket knife

The Lockback Pocket Knife features a 3-inch stainless steel blade, which provides a sharp, long-lasting cutting edge. An ergonomic, glass-filled nylon body provides superior durability. It also includes a reversible wire form clip for pocket storage and quick access, as …

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Paint Shaker

paint shaker

The S2650 5G automatic shaker is a quiet, sturdy and reliable unit designed for a variety of mixing environments. The S2650 5G automatic shaker includes digital controls, a reversible door and a stainless steel tray for convenience and easy loading, …

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Flavored Nuts

flavored nuts

The Carolina Nut Company specializes in making unique flavored nuts, peanuts, spicy nuts and candied nuts. The snacks are completely covered with seasonings and are hand-crafted in Henderson, North Carolina. Flavors include Sea Salt and Pepper, Sriracha Ranch, Bacon Ranch, …

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Barbecue Cleaning Tool


The Great Scrape is a wooden tool designed to clean the grill safely. Unlike plastic or metal wire bristle grill cleaners, The Great Scrape does not leave residue that could be ingested. Once purchased, the product is customized to fit …

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