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Deck & Concrete Crack Cleaner

Why get down on hands and knees with a hand tool or break out the pressure washer? The Deck & Concrete Crack Hoe attaches conveniently onto a broom handle or painting pole and slides easily between the deck boards for …

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Air Compressor


The Whisper100™ Silent Air system has been paired with new programmable smart air technology designed to increase energy savings and decrease noise pollution. Users can program the date and hours of operation and set PSI ranges, RPMs and the time …

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Polished Chrome Power Grommet

power outlet

The slim, round design of Mockett’s recessed power grommet maintains a low profile with the surface level of a desk or counter, elevating to just 3/8 inch. Installation includes drilling a 3-inch hole, inserting the grommet from above and hand-tightening …

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Furniture Leg Covers

furniture cover

Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors prevent damage caused by moving furniture across hard flooring. The transparent, flexible sleeve forms to the size and shape of chair or table legs, eliminating the need for adhesive. The cushioned felt tip dampens noise and …

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Stain-Removing Products

stain remover

Emergency Stain Rescue (ESR®) products are designed as on-the-go cleaning products for a variety of stains. Emergency Stain Rescue comes in bottle or wipe form for general stains. Chateau Spill® Red Wine Stain Remover is designed for wine accidents, Miss …

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Weed Barrier

When installing features such as driveways, sidewalks, stone patios, and more, a solid underlayment can be critical to prevent weeds, erosion and excessive wear-down, all while allowing water to permeate into the ground below. Garden Armor 866-724-3134 or gardenarmor.com

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Cold Brew Coffee Maker

coffee maker

The GCM6850 Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces cold brew-style coffee in 10 minutes. It features four brewing-strength timers (light, medium, bold and concentrate) and a chill cycle circulates coffee over an ice basket to keep the brew cold and ready …

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Locking Tape Measure

tape measure

The Auto Lock Tape Measures line of tape measures by Crescent/Lufkin® automatically lock in an extended position until a release button is pressed. The tape measures have a Hi-Viz® orange case that increases visibility and comes in three styles: a …

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