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Lighted Tool Box

Tool Box

The WEATHER GUARD® 127 Saddle Box With Integrated Lighting is a heavy-duty truck tool box that features a pre-installed lighting system. Professionals can connect the box’s wiring harness, compatible with all full-size trucks in North America, to the power supply …

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Decorative Cooler

Decorative Cooler

The Caddy Cooler Pink is styled with a vintage car design. Made from recycled 44-gallon steel barrels and designed by Australian artist Aaron Jackson, it serves as a conversation starter while keeping drinks cold with an insulated interior. It features …

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Sling Hooks

Sling Hook

Campbell® Grade 100 Alloy Sling Hooks are available in both clevis and eye styles and are made for use with grade 80 and grade 100 chain slings. Latched models feature a heavy-duty latch and spring assembly designed for exceptional durability. …

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Smart Vacuum and Mop

Robot Vacuum

The DEEBOT OZMO 960 is a robot vacuum and mop that includes AIVI™ (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology to detect obstructions in its path and avoid them. This feature prevents the vacuum from catching shoes or other items left …

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Placemat Lunch Box

Lunch Box

FlatBox is a machine-washable lunch box that opens up to be a placemat during a meal. The ability to wash it makes FlatBox less prone to mold and bacteria compared to other lunch boxes, while the placemat function provides users …

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Hot Products – Mar. 18, 2020

Hot Products Hub

Active Enzyme Caulk (sponsored product) Cleanz is an active enzyme caulk formulated to stop mold before it grows. The active enzymes in Cleanz break down mold-feeding oils, keeping your caulk clean without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. It is suitable for …

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Paint Tray Liner

Tray Liner

PAINTWELL professional-grade paint trays and paint tray liners come in 9 ½-inch and 18-inch models, and are made from recycled RPET material, which is durable and solvent resistant. Both tray sizes have a Drip Guard feature to reduce spills, and …

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Brush Drill Attachments

Drill Attachments

The Bring It On Cleaner Drill Scrub Pads Plus and Corner Scrub Brush are drill attachments designed to clean stained or discolored tile and grout. The brushes are made from polypropylene nylon bristles and can be used on any surface that could be cleaned …

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