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Insect Control Sprayer
Garscentria Insect and Pest Control is an indoor and outdoor spray or fog treatment for mosquitoes and ticks. The broad-spectrum solution is a unique blend of 100 percent essential oils and 300 percent concentrated garlic liquid. It is safe for use around pets and has no aquatic toxicity. It also repels browsing pests like deer and rabbits.

Bare Ground Solutions
bareground.com or 888-800-8356 

Portable Propane Skillet
The FIREDISC® Original Skillet is a portable cooker designed to disassemble for flat, easy storage with no screws, nuts or bolts to wrestle or lose. Using large or small propane tanks, the FIREDISC® Skillet features a cooking surface that seasons like a cast iron skillet and cleans in minutes. It includes a flexible stand that adapts to uneven outdoor surfaces and is available in red or black. 

firedisccookers.com or 281-857-3711

Cleaning Sheet
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets have the cleaning power of Magic Eraser in a disposable sheet. They’re thin and flexible to clean in hard-to-reach places and work with just water. Ideal for cleaning greasy stovetop knobs, tough microwave stains, grimy fridge handles and more. 

Proctor & Gamble
mrclean.com or 800-867-2532

Ratcheting Load Binder
The DoRa ratcheting load binder features a patented spindle-in-a-spindle configuration allowing it to be 20 percent shorter than standard load binders. When extended, the longer spindle length gives users twice the tensioning distance of other load binders, allowing them to start with a tighter chain and perform multiple retensionings without the need to disengage the binder’s clevis hooks. 

Doleco USA
doleco-usa.com or 203-440-1940

Drain Tube
Simple Drain is a 30-inch self-plunging drain hose that installs with just a pair of scissors. It won’t leak like plastic when bumped and it is resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. It fits most drain applications and is suitable for the home, garage, outdoors, marina and more. 

Crushproof Tubing
simpledrain.com or 800-654-6858 

Personal Fan
The WOOZOO® personal fan uses a unique blade design to create a powerful vortex of airflow. By increasing and lengthening the angle of attack, it pushes more air with every revolution and generates an airflow pattern that gets larger as it moves away, engaging more of the air in a room. WOOZOO is available in oscillating and nonoscillating versions and all models feature a built-in carrying handle. 

irisusainc.com or 800-320-4747 

Knife Set
Cangshan Cutlery’s S1 series uses high-alloy German steel which takes a sharp edge and boasts superior edge retention. This five-piece set includes a bamboo knife block designed to fit in a drawer, freeing valuable counter space. 

Cangshan Cutlery
cangshancutlery.com or 909-628-2345

Hand Sanitizer
Uncle Bud’s Hemp Hand Sanitizer is unscented and suitable for all skin types. Seventy percent ethyl alcohol eliminates up to 99.99 percent of harmful germs and bacteria. It is high in Vitamins A, D and E and omega fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin. 

Uncle Bud’s Hemp
unclebudshemp.com or info@unclebudshemp.com 

Job Site Storage Chest
Constructed of arc-welded, 16-gauge steel, the BETTER BUILT® Job Site Chest features ergonomic, recessed handles with 90-degree stops for maximum leverage. A locking spreader secures the lid in open position to prevent accidental closure. Its powder coat finish provides corrosion protection and long-lasting durability. ¼-inch thick solid lock tangs provide pry bar assistance (locks not included) and the chest is prepunched for a grommet to provide electrical power cord access for battery charging while tools are safely locked inside the chest. Available in multiple sizes. 

Better Built
lifebetterbuilt.com or 800-366-8269

Expandable Bar Clamp
The Jorgensen heavy-duty E-Z HOLD Expandable Bar Clamp boasts a clamping force of up to 600 pounds. It features an ergonomic grip lever handle and a maximum reach of 3 5/8 inches from the edge of the bar. It includes a patented feature that allows two E-Z HOLD Expandable Bar Clamps to be joined together to make a single clamp with a greater opening capacity. It can also be converted to a spreader clamp.

Pony Jorgensen
ponyjorgensen.com or 800-776-2228 

Dishwasher Cleaner
Glisten® Dishwasher Cleaner & Freshener removes odor-causing buildup from dishwashers. Tablets can be added to a normal dishwashing cycle and keeps the surfaces and hidden areas of the machine clean when used as directed.

Summit Brands
summitbrands.com or 888-476-6688 

Cleaning Solution
Formulated to clean phones, tablets, computer touchscreens, keyboards, car touchscreens, wireless earbuds, VR glasses, covers, cases, cables, chargers and more, HÄNS Ultra-Clean solution was developed specifically to clean today’s tech. It includes an antibacterial-treated washable cleaning cloth. 

HÄNS Swipe
hans-swipe.com or contact@hans-swipe.com

Emergency Light
The American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Color by Eton is an emergency LED blackout flashlight that doubles as a motion-activated night light. It can be left plugged in to a wall outlet to act as a night light or fold up the prongs and used as a single LED flashlight. Fully charged, it provides 50 lumens of light for up to 4 hours. 

Eton Corp.
etoncorp.com or 800-872-2228 

Fire Pit and Patio Heater
DualHeat is the first combination fire pit and patio heater. It can also be used as an outdoor dining table. The upper fire pit burner provides 30,000 BTUs and the infrared patio heater burner provides 11,000 BTUs for a combined output of 41,000 BTUs. It uses a standard LP grill tank and the table insert stores on the inside door of the fire pit. It includes bronze fire glass, table insert and protective cover. 

Mr. Bar-B-Que Products LLC
dual-heat.com or 800-762-1142 

Erasable Memo Pad
WEMO is an erasable, silicone band to write notes on with regular pens or markers. The unique coating erases with one rub of a finger or an eraser. Developed specifically for nurses as an alternative to writing vital notes directly on their skin, WEMO is suitable for any application where handy note taking is desirable without carrying a lot of supplies. 

Lux Kami

Wireless Meat Thermometer
MEATER is a wireless meat thermometer. It features dual sensors to measure the internal temperature of food and the ambient temperature. Temperatures can be monitored from the app and cooks can receive alerts remotely with almost unlimited range using MEATER Cloud. The charger is made of wood to match any kitchen or outdoor decor and charges the MEATER probe up to 100 times using one AAA battery. 


Absorbent Pet Pad
KOCHO Ultra Absorbent Potty Pads feature an embossed surface to absorb liquids quickly and evenly. Even absorption prevents wet surfaces. Polyethylene film on the bottom prevents tears and leaks and the pads contain a layer of activated carbon to absorb odors, eliminating ammonia smells. 


Wheelbarrow Caddy
The Burro Buddy is a compact version of the Original Little Burro. While allowing users to use the full cavity of the wheelbarrow, it provides holders for short- and long-handled tools, a water-resistant cell phone compartment and a drink holder. Burro Buddy fits most wheelbarrows. 

The Little Burros

Paving Stone
Pavestone®’s Clayton line of pavers combines the beauty of classic clay bricks with the durability of concrete pavers. The Clayton line is ideal for patios, walkways, pool decks and other concrete paver surfaces not intended for vehicular use. They can be installed in stacked, running bond, herringbone and basket weave patterns and are available in red and gray blends.

pavestone.com or 404-634-9100

Retailer Recommended

Mark Flottmeyer

“We picked Poo-Pourri Hand Sanitizer because of its portable size and catchy name. It has the requisite amount of alcohol to ensure sanitizing. I would be lying if I did not say it was the first available during our supplies shortage.”

Hand Sanitizer
Poo-Pourri Hand Sanitizer is made with natural essential oils and has 65 percent ethyl alcohol content. It kills 99.9 percent of illness-causing germs in 15 seconds with its no-rinse, quick-drying spray formula. It includes moisture-replacing ingredients to reduce drying and redness, leaving hands soft and germ-free. It is free of synthetic fragrances, triclosan, phthalates, benzalkonium and EDTA. 

poopourri.com or 972-752-8930

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