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Sears Is Getting Back in the Paint Business

After four years’ absence from the market, Sears has decided to go back to selling paint.

The company announced the plan earlier this week, shortly after reporting a drop in net sales in the second quarter, according to an article from news site Business Insider.

Sears hopes bringing paint back to its shelves will boost sales, as it has with big-box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, the article says.

The company has been bogged down with financial woes and scrambling to improve its bottom line. This year, the retailer planned to close 78 unprofitable stores and its clothing design office in New York City.

Sears will start its return to selling paint by stocking it in 23 stores, and will carry lines that range in price from a few dollars to more than $30, the article says. The retailer will also launch a new brand of Craftsman paint.

“After stepping away from the paint business in 2012, we are seeing the demand from our customers to bring it back,” Dean Schwartz, vice president of tools, lawn, and garden, says in the Business Insider article. “With updated paint mixing technology, and by enlisting dedicated and trained associates, we are confident the time is right to re-enter the category and fill a need for our members.”

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