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Check Out These Employee Development Resources

Retailers looking for guidance on how to coach underperforming employees or what to do when firing can find suggestions in Hardware Retailing’s January 2017 article “Employee, We’ve Got a Problem.”

In addition, Hardware Retailing collected the following list of resources to answer further questions about how to properly deal with employees.

Learning how to effectively manage and develop employees is an ongoing process. Managers who want to build an effective team should always be seeking to understand and use human resources best practices.

NRHA’s Human Resource Handbook

Excerpt: Developing Effective Employees.” In this excerpt from NRHA’s Human Resource Handbook, retailers can learn how to help employees take advantage of opportunities in the business. Topics include management training and performance reviews. NRHA members can access the entire handbook at www.nrha.org.


Services: Tilson is a business services firm located near Indianapolis. The company partners with NRHA to provide human resources services to independent retailers who do not have human resources managers on staff. For more information about the partnership and the opportunities it offers you, visit tilsonhr.com/nrha.

Society for Human Resource Management

Article: “How to Fire Someone Without Getting Sued.” This article from the Society for Human Resource Management offers suggestions for navigating the legal challenges associated with terminating a worker’s employment.

Article: “Right and Wrong Ways to Terminate.” This article from the Society for Human Resource Management covers some of the common mistakes employers make when firing an employee.

Hardware Retailing Magazine

Article: “Finders Keepers: How to Recruit and Retain Quality Employees.” Hiring high-quality employees in the first place can help you avoid performance problems. How do you do that? This article from Hardware Retailing shares some best practices for recruiting and retaining good employees.

Forbes Magazine

Article: “The 7 C’s:  How to Find and Hire Great Employees.” For more reading on finding high-quality empoyees, look to this article from Forbes. Writer Alan Hall offers seven characteristics to look for in a new hire.

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