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Repurposed Furniture Holds Store’s Merchandise

Not all store fixtures have to be expensive to be effective. For Leigh Ann Akard, some of the most eye-catching displays she has are pieces of furniture repurposed to hold merchandise.

Akard uses the center section of Akard True Value in Zionsville, Indiana, for a growing niche of home decor and giftware. She wanted a way to display those items that was a little different than the regular run of metal pegboard and shelving in the rest of the store.

With a little creativity, she discovered it wasn’t difficult to find some options. For example, a pair of wooden ladders that had been collecting dust in the backroom now hold a variety of gift items while adding a vintage appearance to the display.

“These ladders were not sturdy enough to be used as ladders anymore, but we were able to use them to create a display,” she says. “I also visit Goodwill stores and garage sales, where I’ve found several pieces of furniture that we’ve been able to use as fixtures.”

Store staff often help in making minor repairs to the furniture, or in refinishing them so they fit into the overall appearance of the department. The displays work together with the unique mix of products in the department to create a niche category that has given a significant sales boost to the store and attracted more customers.

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