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Prioritize Style and Function in Plumbing

Kitchen and bath updates were some of the most popular home remodeling projects in 2016—a trend that can only be good for your business if your operation excels in plumbing.

Online home improvement community Houzz surveyed more than 100,000 homeowners in early 2017 and discovered that kitchens, guest or other bathrooms and master bathrooms were among the top four interior spaces to be renovated in the past year.

In addition, when homeowners invested in updates to house systems, they chose most often to upgrade their plumbing.

Houzz predicts that interior renovations will continue to be important in 2017, with more than 50 percent of survey respondents planning remodels for inside spaces this year.

Applied to Retail

Keep the top home renovation projects in mind as you continue to flesh out your core category inventory this year. Products for kitchen and bathroom upgrades should be important to your business throughout 2017 since they’re such popular areas to remodel.

Bathrooms and kitchens are areas where plumbing can be both practical and stylish, so you can deepen your product offering by paying attention to what’s in vogue.

Strengthen your operation’s market share in the plumbing category not only by carrying the basic pipes and fittings, but also by staying on top of style trends. 

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