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NRHA Provides New Training Resources

Any store owner knows the benefits of a good training program are numerous: increased sales, better customer service, less employee turnover—the list goes on. To help you start or improve your employee training program, NRHA is dedicated to providing new training resources throughout 2016.

Below are descriptions of each program. For more information or to download these resources, visit www.nrha.org or contact NRHA at 800-772-4424.

Train the Trainer

• Designed for trainers to start or improve a formal training program.
• Step-by-step instructions and practical tips for program implementation.
• Real-life retailer examples of training program development.
• Appendix of additional resources, including downloadable tools.
• FREE to all retailers.

Trainer’s Toolbox

• Series of quick lessons on topics including selling skills, merchandising, product knowledge and operations.
• Lessons may include a video, presentation, slideshow, worksheet or other resource.
• Easy to use and to the point; perfect for company meetings.
• Intended for all levels of employees.
• New lessons released monthly.
• FREE to all retailers.

Cost of Doing Business Resources

• A breakdown of data points presented in NRHA’s annual Cost of Doing Business Study.
• Best practices and case studies from retailers.
• Videos to be shared with employees to teach the financial side of the business.
• Packages on three topics will be released throughout the year, with Improving Average Transaction Size currently available.
• FREE to all retailers.

NRHA Training Courses

• Online training with knowledge checks and testing.
• Most popular program: The Basic Training Series, with hardlines and building materials product knowledge.
• Upselling techniques, customer FAQs and more.
• Other programs available: Project PRO, Selling Skills and Customer Relations, Retail Merchandising, Our Three Pennies of Profit and Loss Prevention Series.
• Available through NRHA membership. Contact Member Services at nrha@nrha.org or 800-772-4424 for pricing.

About Hilary Welter

As marketing and research coordinator, it’s Hilary’s duty to keep retailers informed about NRHA products and services and to help coordinate industry research projects. Additionally, Hilary is the voice behind NRHA’s and Hardware Retailing’s social media accounts. She appreciates a good book, spicy food, well-made horror films, craft beer and exploring new places near and far.

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