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Scale and bins from original store

Lumber Store Keeps Its Ties to the Past

Tucked away in the back of Snodderley Lumber in Clearmont, Missouri, is a trip into the past. Running along the wall are bins containing every kind of bolt, washer and nut imaginable, and on a counter right next to them sits a scale ready to portion out each order.

Office manager Brooke Kinsella says the store does a lot of business with its small hardware items, especially with the local farming community.

“Out on the farm, there’s always something that needs fixing,” she says. The scale is also used to measure nails and screws.

On top of its continued usefulness for the Snodderley Lumber business interests, the scale and bin section keeps ties close to the family’s roots in the store.

Snodderley Lumber was started by Kinsella’s grandfather in 1964; today, the lumberyard and hardware store remains a focal point of the Clearmont community. A local group of community members still gathers at the store each day for coffee, Kinsella says.

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