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Living Logo

Living Logo Inspires Customers

The new logo in Hassett Hardware’s Redwood City, California, store is alive.

The double-H logo is a vertical garden displayed on a wall in the store’s garden center, and is filled with succulent plants, which live for years and require little water to survive. The plants have been hot sellers for Hassett Hardware, due to the California drought and the growing interest in low-water plant alternatives as other greenery withers.

The living logo shows off the plants the store sells, but also represents the company’s brand well, president Eric Hassett says.

The display is built from recycled materials and plants, appealing to the environmentally conscious customer base Hassett Hardware targets.

“I really wanted to have our brand imagery tie in with the product,” Hassett says.

The vertical garden was also installed in time for the store’s first succulent gardening class, which was a hit with customers. Class attendees learned to build wreaths with succulent varieties growing from them.

The display cost about $300, and can be imitated easily—making it even more attractive to customers.

“We’re catching several customers taking pictures of it. I think people are taking inspiration from it,” Hassett says.

The permanent garden logo should be easy to maintain, since the plants will live for three or four years, and new succulents will be added as others die, he says.

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