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Lamp Repair Services That Shine

At Rollier’s Hardware, the store is stocked with parts, pieces and wires for customers to perform their own lamp repairs. But if they would rather leave the repairs to the pros, Rollier’s employs two staff members who specialize in lamp repairs. Lamp repair services have flourished at the store because few other stores in the area offer the service, and the Rollier’s manager Derek Satterfield offers three best practices for offering lamp repair services at your store. 

Rely on experience. While your lamp repair person doesn’t have to be licensed as an electrician, they should have adequate experience to be able to repair everything from antiques to modern pieces. 

Make space. Be sure to have plenty of extra space in your store or warehouse to store lamps that are waiting to be repaired or picked up by the owner. The space should be secure from theft and safe to prevent any breakage. 

Let customers know you exist. The number of qualified people available to fix lamps is dwindling across the country, creating more opportunities for you. Advertise your services on your website, through social media and encourage customers to share via word-of-mouth. 

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