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Hot Products – January 24, 2024

Lime Insect Repellent

First Saturday Lime is unlike traditional lime—when used as directed, it’s safe for use around kids, pets and ponds. When used monthly, it can dry up insects and their eggs and larvae, while destroying odors and odor-causing bacteria. It is nonflammable and has no known health hazards. Photo courtesy of First Saturday Lime

First Saturday Lime | firstsaturdaylime.com

Work Pants

The T2 Werkpant is a tear-resistant softshell work pant treated with durable water repellent for performance no matter the season. Inspired by the technical apparel worn by professional mountain guides and elite military personnel, these pants are built for performance on the job. Photo courtesy of TRUEWERK

TRUEWERK | truewerk.com

Strawberry Growing Kit

Growing your own strawberries is easy with the Back to the Roots Organic Strawberry Indoor Grow Kit. The kit provides the perfect soil composition, organic strawberry seeds and an eco-friendly reusable large glass mason jar planter.

Back to the Rootsbacktotheroots.com

Seasoning Salt

The gourmet Season Salt from Meat Church can be used to season a variety of dishes, including beef, poultry, pork and vegetables. Available in 6-ounce bottles, the gourmet seasoning salt is gluten-free and contains no MSG. Photo courtesy of Meat Church

Meat Church | meatchurch.com

Water Absorbing Crystals

Oatey® Liquilock™ Water Absorbing Crystals solidify water in four to five minutes to help prevent drips and leaks when removing toilet fixtures or replacing old water heaters. The nontoxic, biodegradable gel dissolves when additional water is added. It is septic tank-friendly and flushes away with water once the repair is complete.

Oatey | oatey.com

Painter’s Tape

FrogTape® multisurface painter’s tape features a premium adhesive to help eliminate the need for touch-ups while delivering 21-day clean removal, 7-day UV resistance and sharp paint lines.

FrogTape | frogtape.com

Flood Bag

Quick Dam flood bags are sand-less sandbags that absorb, contain and divert flood water. The bags absorb, swell and gel oncoming water on contact to create a durable barrier. They are compact, lightweight and easy to use and are easy to store.

Quick Dam | quickdams.com



Signature shingles from BP Canada provide superior protection against blow-offs and wind-driven rain with their high resistance to nail pull-through and innovative Weather-Tite® Plus Technology featuring the Hurricane Band®. They come with a standard wind warranty of 220 km/h, typically associated with Category 4 hurricanes. Photo courtesy of BP Canada

BP Canada | bpcan.com

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