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Biogas System

bio gas

Create your own cooking gas and natural fertilizer simultaneously with this easy-to-use product. Taking around an hour to install, the kit comes with all of the components one would need to set up a biogas generation system, including the cookstove—just …

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Wind Chime

wind chime

The deep, resonating tones of an outdoor wind chime can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the garden. This 30-inch sonnet chime from Carson Home Accents is constructed from a heavy-duty, anodized aluminum, and has adjustable strikers. Carson …

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Take the Party Outside With Backyard Games

corn hole

From old-fashioned yard games like bocce ball, sack races and horseshoes to brand new options like Spikeball and Rollors, outdoor games make a great addition to a tailgating and outdoor recreation department. Some retailers have even had luck locally sourcing …

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Garden System

garden system

Constructed from food-grade plastic, this gardening system allows for healthy plant growth while conserving water and reducing effort on the user’s part. Units interlock to prevent weeds from overtaking garden spaces while delivering water directly to plant roots. Garden Angel™ …

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Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat

floor mat

Designed for heavy use areas such as recreational centers and workout areas, this rubberized mat is designed to hold up to heavy-duty use. It’s sound- and impact-absorbing, and FloorScore® Certified. Now available in 19-inch by 19-inch interlocking squares. Dinoflex 877 …

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On-the-Go Fire Pit

fire pit

Enjoy the warmth of a fire practically anywhere with the Pop-Up Pit, a portable firepit. This lightweight product can be conveniently be set up in about a minute, and can be used on practically any outdoor surface. Cools down for …

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Popular Summer Bulbs

summer bulbs

After the last frost, it’s time for the planting of summer bulbs. Popular with gardeners and homeowners, summer-blooming, spring-planted bulbs are generally low maintenance and can add drama to landscaping, especially when tucked amongst perennials or planted in patterns. Bulbs, …

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Good Leaders Are Learners

For trendsetters, the learning never ends, especially for retailers looking to improve their leadership skills and grow their businesses. These leaders are always on the lookout for ways to improve. Fortunately, there’s an organization dedicated to helping independent home improvement …

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