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Customer Insights in Light of Product and Material Shortages

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), 59.2% of customers shop at the same store for home improvement products regardless of what products they are shopping for, but 73.8% will buy a product at another store before waiting on stock to return.

As product and material shortages continue, understanding your customers is the key to success.

  • Knowledge
    39.7% of consumers ​​are indifferent or disagree that hardware stores have more helpful or knowledgeable employees than other home improvement stores.
    As big-box stores improve their employee training and knowledge, independent retailers must strive to advance as well.
  • Convenience
    79.8% of shoppers agree that home centers usually have everything they need.
    Acquiring all necessary products at one location gives customers more time to complete projects and enjoy leisure activities.
  • Competition
    67.4% of customers have many home improvement store options nearby to purchase products from.
    Customer service and product knowledge, selection and availability will put you ahead of competitors.

Overcoming Obstacles
Discover product knowledge resources to build your customer service skills here.

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