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High Performance Retailing Winter 2019: Master Your Marketing Message

In the second installment of High Performance Retailing, discover ways you can reach customers with clear and compelling marketing, best serve homeowners undertaking kitchen remodels and find new sales opportunities to grow your business.

Reaching Customers Via Targeted Marketing

New data from market research firm The Farnsworth Group highlights what different generations of customers value most in your marketing messages, and the answers may surprise you. Use that information to guide your marketing in 2020 and build your customer base.

Builders’ Outside Sales Team Delivers 3 Decades of Success

Get an inside look at how home improvement chain Builders’ outside sales team has delivered three decades of topline sales for the company and how you can find new opportunities for sales.

Helping Customers Overcome Kitchen Remodel Regrets

Erin Gallagher from the Research Institute of Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence shares her advice on how independent retailers can help customers overcome common kitchen remodel regrets and boost transaction sizes.

Finish out 2019 with a look at how you can optimize your business’s website for voice searches, which are steadily becoming more popular among shoppers. Take a look at how trade tensions between the U.S. and China impacted the retail segment.

Build a Foundation of Data

Explore all that and more in the second installment of High Performance Retailing, a new data resource produced in collaboration between the North American Retail Hardware Association and The Farnsworth Group.

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