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Handmade Merchandisers Portugal

NRHA Abroad: Handmade Merchandisers in Portugal

As my travel companions and I roamed the stone streets of urban neighborhood LxFactory in Lisbon, Portugal, our tour guide says, “Come check out this art supply shop.”

My immediate reaction is, “no thanks.” I’ve never been the artistic type, and was much more interested in finding a quaint cafe to serve as my office for the afternoon. But, at the request of my new friends, I popped inside.

Upon walking into Ponto des Artes my eyes bounced around the room—paints, papers, easels, adhesives. I’m assuming this store would be any artist’s dream. But, what truly captured my attention were the beautifully handmade wooden merchandisers that displayed certain products within the modern space.

Unfortunately, there was a language barrier between the salesclerk and I. But, I did manage to confirm that all displays were handmade by someone associated with the store.

NRHA Abroad: Handmade Merchandisers PortugalWood Pallets Turned Mobile Displays

In the center of the store stood two displays made of painted wood pallets with wheels securely attached to each corner. The black and white paint matches the contemporary aesthetics of the store, and creates a practical merchandiser that can easily be moved for an event or a change of pace every now and then.





NRHA Abroad: Handmade Merchandisers PortugalStylish and Secure

Lining the front area of the store were glass cases mounted together with stands made from pieces of wood pallets and slabs of oriented strand board (OSB). The appeal of these cases is threefold, keeping up with the cool visuals while allowing the customer a clear view of merchandise and adding a level of security, since customers can’t get into the cases without the assistance of an associate.




Getting Creative With OSB
NRHA Abroad: Handmade Merchandisers Portugal

Similar to a hardware store, this art supply shop sells lots of small, loose items that don’t necessarily belong hanging on a rack or in a glass case. To organize these types of items and utilize small spaces, Ponto des Artes uses various sizes of shelving units made of oriented strand board (OSB). The custom-built shelving units add unique variety to the sea of traditional racks and shelves throughout the store.




The Takeaway

You don’t need to spend big bucks to create a unique vibe in your store(s). In this industry, we have access to many different types of supplies and buildings materials – put them to use! Utilizing merchandisers like the ones described in this post can also help you to use small, awkward spaces in your store and merchandise attractively to your customers.

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