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Wallauer Paint Hardware Design Gift Card

Gift Card Program Leads to New Customers

Wallauer Paint Hardware Design in New York has started a new initiative to court homebuyers as new customers and offer support to local real estate agents.

Staffers at the 15 Wallauer stores are creating gift boxes, each containing a gift card to Wallauer Paint or its affiliated Ace Hardware stores and a coupon good for a free consultation with a Wallauer interior designer. The gift boxes can be customized with a real estate agent’s name on the box and personalized letters from the agent to homebuyers.

The purpose of the boxes is to provide a convenient substitute for gift baskets that agents would traditionally provide homebuyers at closing. Real estate agents can order and customize the boxes, which Wallauer Paint employees fill.

The service makes providing a gift easy for real estate agents and it allows Wallauer to promote itself to homebuyers—a demographic highly likely to need paint and other products the paint and hardware stores sell.

Wallauer sponsors the local real estate association and has the option to provide two seminars per year to association members. During the seminars, Wallauer representatives can promote the paint company’s products and services. The association also publishes a member newsletter in which Wallauer Paint markets its gift boxes to agents.

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